Photos taken with Camera+ Find out more

Lisa Bettany

Testing out the iPhone 4S & Camera+ in Central Park
Manhattan, NY

All astounding. The iPhone 4S rez, Camera+ app, and as usual, your top-notch talent, Lisa.

As always, wonderful photos. These images form the new camera look sharp, sharp, sharp!

Man... wow these are some amazing shots! Apple is starting to put my DSLR to shame. >.<

Sweet collection of images. Is there anything different that Camera+ will do on the 4s?

Seems like the dynamic range has improved.

Pretty awesome shots Lisa!

This has inspired me to go out an take pictures tomorrow. Thanks Lisa.

Not only is the iphone 4s great and the app extremely good but the talent of photography is overpowering both! Job well done !

I credit the iPhone 4S for these being great vs your skills as a photographer

the best

Luc Rioux

Simply stunning images!!!

So beautiful


Amazing photos.

you guys aren't remembering that these are *edited*. Look at unedited shots to see how a camera really performs in quality. And is a chef defined by their stove?


Jon Perlman MD

Beautiful shots of my old home town. What's your experience with the new HD Video?



Vineet Bhatia

Superb Shots Lisa!


If you think the iPhone4S pictures are great, just imagine what Lisa could do with a Nokia N8

Great Pictures ! You really have a feeling for capturing the right moment..

Lovely Snaps.... #Marvellous

Lisa, you are awesome!!!

Très très beau.


wow amazing

These are excellent. Seems like the camera had some major improvement, they look very sharp. My pictures on the 3GS usually come out so grainy... I need an update :(

Amazing Photos Lisa!

Spectacular stuff Lisa ^_^

wow!!! can't believe they were taken with a PHONE

Yes but in dark ?

i suppose that photo editing/exporting on the iPhone 4s is faster?

Wow, they are just so astounding!

WOW! That's just awesome!

Awesome shots, Lisa! Camera+ is my favorite app and I am always inspired by the images you post.

so pretty!

nice :) =)


WOW...! I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy have to buy the 4s.

These are great pictures! Definitely an inspiration to go out and shoot more w/ my iPhone 4S.

Great pictures ! Awesome themes !

Woow :) i love camera in Iphone 4S

ok now I want a 4S... darn

Wow! *_*

Fantastic!! :)


WOW... This is an amazing work!!


Quick test I made comparing both phones

Amazing, absolutely amazing.


incredible, what is new in the 4S camera?


well, depth of field by photoshop, same effect you can achieve with SE k800i.

It would be great to be able to compare the originals and the manipulated versions side-by-side to get a real feel for how the 4s camera performs.


OH: "When I hear 'the iPhone has such a horrible camera' i really hear 'I'm uncomfortable with the cost of my DSLR rig compared to the simplicity and quality of your iPhone's pics"


iamnoskcaj: what do you mean? the iphone 4S without a contract for phone service costs twice as much as an entry-level DSLR. so if you want to get the 4S maybe you don't need a DLSR camera. but i don't need an iphone and so i'll stick to my DSLR, thank you!


this is really great quality. (:



awesome !


not bad

Fantastic! Can't believe you've made the iPhone camera look this good. I mean, it's obviously an improvement, but your talent for photography really shines through here.

I've been playing with Camera+ for some time. I love it even better now with my iPhone 4! Great photos!

These photos are mega sharp! I definitely see the quality upgrade from the 4. Nice work 

Thanks for the wallpapers! Pretty good!

I'm with everyone else -- what an advance in detail and sharpness! Chomping at the bit for my new 4S -- thanks for sharing, Lisa -- really beautiful shots : )



question. were these photos edited after taken? or just camera itself or any kind of app used to adjust lenses etc?

Incredible, I want a 4S!