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And the new Arizona football coach and his family is.......
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Monday, November 21, 2011
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  • The Suzanne™  Nov 22, 2011  

    What a good looking' family!!

  • Edward Christy  Nov 22, 2011  

    I know A is the first letter butcan't remember the second!

  • James Gordon Patterson  Nov 22, 2011  

    Rich, tell ya what. I'm an Arizona alum. Greg knows me. I'm from Michigan. We're all from somewhere else. I'm an Arizona guy. You win and win clean, we'll make you an Arizona guy. The past is past. We're going to do great things and I hope we carve your face in the side of the Santa Catalina mountains after our first Rose Bowl win! BEAR DOWN, ARIZONA and welcome aboard!

  • Jodi S Murphy  Nov 22, 2011  

    Welcome to AZ, Rich! Very happy to have you!

  • Marni Patterson  Nov 22, 2011  

    Rich and family-- Welcome to Arizona and to the Wildcat family. We'll be looking forward to see the excitement you'll bring to the football program. Go Cats!

  • Zach  Nov 22, 2011  

    Terrible hire Greg. How soon until we're on probation?

  • Fresh2  Nov 22, 2011  

    Snore...zzzzzzzzzzz \|/

  • Brenda Osterman Ray  Nov 22, 2011  

    Welcome to Arizona BEAR DOWN !

  • MB805  Nov 22, 2011  

    Past is the past. GO CATS!! Looking forward to exciting times!!

  • Craig T. Patterson  Nov 22, 2011  

    Welcome aboard, Coach! BEAR DOWN, ARIZONA!!

  • Fresh2  Nov 22, 2011  

    Greg Byrne (ASU alum) pickin the kitties head coach. Nice one. LoL

  • James Gordon Patterson  Nov 22, 2011  

    Some of these rude messages are not from Arizona people. I assure you of that.

  • Jake Edens  Nov 22, 2011  

    Had it Made In Morgantown What A Waste

  • Keith Rocci  Nov 22, 2011  

    GO CATS! Welcome Coach!

  • Fresh2  Nov 22, 2011  

    You Cat fans really excited about this? Be honest.

  • Margaret Morales Gomez  Nov 22, 2011  

    Look forward to an exciting year with Coach Rich! This is an upstanding university and I trust the decision Greg Byrnes has made!

  • Brian  Nov 22, 2011  

    I'm a Michigan alum and live there--anyone that thinks Rodriguez did a single thing wrong leading to the NCAA issue simply doesn't know what they are talking about. The entire episode was about 20 minutes extra practice time every week--because stretching wasn't counted. Good hire Arizona

  • Michael Chaput  Nov 22, 2011  

    Welcome to the Wildcat family! I'm a student here, but also have been a Michigan fan my whole life and it was sad to see you go like that. Very happy to see you back on the sidelines and can't wait for our first rose bowl down the line! Bear Down!

  • Judi Brauns (season ticket holder)  Nov 22, 2011  

    Well, Rodriquez was not in my top ten list...NCAA sanctions are not good policy!

  • Albert Kingsbury  Nov 22, 2011  

    Welcome Coach Rodriguez and Family to Tucson and the Arizona Wildcat Family! BEAR DOWN!

  • Lisa  Nov 22, 2011  

    So happy for Rich he deserves this.

  • John  Nov 22, 2011  

    From michigan to northern mexico.......that's gotta hurt the pride.

  • Mitch  Nov 22, 2011  

    Congrats Arizona and Coach Rod... a GREAT hire! And this is coming from the most DIEHARD Michigan fan! I encourage Zona fans to read 3rd and Out, about Rich and his 3 years in Ann Arbor... you got a good man

  • Seth  Nov 22, 2011  

    Haha what a joke 3rd school in 5 years. And sadly for him both WVir and Mich are way better jobs than this one

  • Davis Gorick  Nov 22, 2011  

    Hope you fail miserably. If I were an ASU fan I'd be pretty happy. Dick Rod isnt much for rivalries (look at Michigan vs Michigan state and Ohio, hell he even lost a game to notre dame). Didn't respect the long traditions and rivalries. Downplayed losses and over valued wins over MAC schools... Forever a loser... GO BLUE AND GO COACH HOKE!!!

  • Jazz  Nov 22, 2011  

    Great hire...I am a Michigan alum and i cant wait to see his offense working at Arizona. I hope that he hires good coaches on the defensive side of the ball....That was his undoing at Michigan.

  • gary  Nov 22, 2011  

    RR and Rita are very nice people. Just did not fit in at UM. I rooted for him for 3 years. He is a good coach. Just needs to be patient and get some 4 star recruits. We got too many 3 stars, fast and quick, but not big enough for the Big Ten.

  • Chuy  Nov 22, 2011  

    Rico Rod, welcome to Arizona and beat ASU!!

  • Lisa Johnson  Nov 22, 2011  

    Rita & Rich --- Congrat's & best of luck! You my friend deserve the best as you gave me this advice so often in college. I enjoyed our "special" times together & continue to pray for you & your beautiful family!

  • Chuck Ryor  Nov 22, 2011  

    Greg, I am a WVU grad and the biggest mistake my university's athletic department ever made was letting Rich Rodriquez get away. We've never - and may never - be the same. We were on a trajectory of national significance and the verge of playing for a national championship. Not so much anymore. GREAT HIRE!!! You will not regret this...unless you ever let him get away.

  • Bill  Nov 22, 2011  

    As a loyal maize and blue fan I would like to thank Rich Rod for Shoelace Fitz and a roster full of talent! I just ordered two Arizona hats and can't wait for many epic Rose Bowl showdowns!! In Rich Rod we trust!!

  • Matthew Durr  Nov 22, 2011  

    As a Michigan fan living in Arizona I wish you the best of luck coach. How about working in a home and home with your old team. Great Hire U of A great guy and a great coach

  • WVUGODFATHER  Nov 22, 2011  

    He'll make you a winner in 2-3 years and get the program headed in the right direction...then as soon as something "better" comes along, he'll leave you in a heartbeat! He turned his back on his home state and alma mater 4 years ago...don't think he won't do it to you too, if given the opportunity!

  • Tuesday Menas  Nov 22, 2011  

    Congratulations my friend! I hope you love it there and your family is very happy!! You all look wonderful! You're pretty far from home in WV but Matt goes to OR a lot for work so we may end up seeing you coach again in the near future. God bless and enjoy your new team and home!!!!

  • Ghost  Nov 22, 2011  

    The past is not the past he has a track record of controversy, violations, and going where the money is. At what price does he come to Arizona...

  • Aznav  Nov 22, 2011  

    I'm happy! I'm excited! I'm expectant! What's his buy out clause?

  • GrantjRoth  Nov 22, 2011  

    Don't expect much next year. Never gets out of the gate well with any of his past jobs. His first year at Michigan was worst in history and not much better at UWV

  • Anthony Lovio  Nov 22, 2011  

    I have grown up with a season ticket in my hand. I was born into the Tomey era, stuck through the Mackovic era, followed and became close with the Stoops family, and now its time to see the Rich Rod era. I came to the UA because thats all I know. Its my life. All I can say is Welcome to Tucson and welcome to the Arizona Wildcat family! Hope to be meeting you real soon.

  • Janie Merendino  Nov 23, 2011  

    Congratulations - You all look very pleased, Arizona is lucky to get you. Hopefully a raod trip is in our future! The Merendinos

  • Mitch Hanan  Nov 24, 2011  

    Look out PAC 12 south. There's a new sheriff in town

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