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Josh Hutcherson

Notre Dame




OMG, you're crazy, Josh! :)

very awesome

Love it!! :)

Très mignon.

nice! :D

josh hutcherson in live action, hun ? great photo!

hahaha cute :) that looks amazing :)


haha, cute

lol I hope that didnt hurt when you landed


Wow! That much be incredible to see in person. Enjoy :)

lol at the person under your leg.

You're pictures are the best. :)

Adorable! <3

Ahah. :p

oh my god!!! i can't believe i've been there just a year go! I love Paris LOVE YOU! Please come to Italy Josh and jump in front of the Coliseum :D

And this would be the point I'd realize I'm about to fall on my face...hard.

haha cutie xx


Sweet! :)

I went there at 3p.m., hoping you'd be there... I missed :'(

love this!

That's amazing !

Il en est ainsi Adorable ;)

All your pics are so funny and beautiful. love youu!

Ha, this picture reminds me of what I was doing yesterday when my sister mentioned something about THG and I started jumping up and down screaming "PEETA!"

Valery Santiago.

What a nice photo, you must be having a nice day in Paris! LOL

OMG! I have been on that exact spot :)


OMG! I have been in that exact spot! That's awsome!

are you going to do crazy tricks in the air for every picture? haha :)

CUTE :))

kisses from Brazil

<3 RT @FlawlessLerman Say "Eu te amo" for us, brazilians fans, please? Brazil Loves Josh Hutcherson

lolol when i was there in grade 3 i did jumped off of those too... i think that exact one :P lollolol <3 xx love you josh



Gorgeous! Both the place and of course you.

mizzou dg's wish we were in paris with you! we all can't wait to see your new movies!

You're pics are the the coolest, they're not the boring "stand next to the attraction and smile pics." Keep posting!

Supermaaaaan! Love ya <3

Nicole Hamming

I totally have a photo of me doing the same thing :)

stop being so adorable Josh

HOT, You're Perfect!

Epic picture

:3 Cute picture

Aaaaaaaaawwwwn :'D

very good jump

you are so amazing!!

good jump

Great photo! I try to imagine the landing ;D

nice. x)

nice x)

I'm Jealous!!


wish i could reach that high :) amazing :)

omg Josh you're so funny


You're awesome, Josh! Visit Norway some time ;)

que legal haha


Haha I love this picture!(: Its different, like you. I've alway wanted to go there.

Always wanted to go see that

lol youu funny dude

That looks fun :)

LOL love ya


AWESOMENESS!! This is great!! Haha I wanna be there!!

Great !! So cool !!! From Chile ! Josh i love you !!! :D

Super cool picture (:

OMG Love this picture!!!! It's amazing!!! <3

Wooow! Awesome *¬*

This is impressively sick !

I hope you have fed the little birds there. That was the funniest part for me when I was there :)


pretty cool! Goshh i really love youu <3

such a champ

What hat are you wearing?



hah that's awesome!

I'm so jealous. I want nothing more than to go to Paris!

only you could pull this off.... this is so cool

i love you. i wish you would just notice me aaah

yeah! josh sexy boy :D

good! XD

More photos !!!!!

I'll take the same photo when I'm in Paris. You make me smile!

Victoria Walter

umm can i be there with you ? please hahaha :)

Nice! Looks like your having fun. :)


Haha! That's awesome!

Beautiful place and beautiful man in the picture ;D I love you so much Josh, all the Brazilian fans are waiting for you! Come back here soon! Hugs!


dang it I want to see belly hairs WOOF LOL

Omg that is amazing i have always wanted to do something like that


love it babyyyyy :*

Allison Jordan

=] cute

you're so normal it hurts

Haha great photo mr. Superman ;>


So cute *-*

Sweet picture, however your landing doesn't look very promising!

Hahaha, you're crazy, did anyone say that?

This is awesome!


I love you ♥

hahaha cute

Envy you, wanna go there myself!


"Notre Dame" is a beautiful monument ! Every times when I see it I think of " The Hunchback of Notre Dame " Haha ^^

did you see quasimodo??

So Cool!!!!

So Cool!!!


I don't know what's more beautiful... ;)

no fair

Josh, you are crazy and cute))

Awesome ! :P

well that's... cute :)


that cathedral is amazing must have been awesome to see it in person.

Looks like you're posing for an ending scene in HSM... but cooler!

I've been inside there before... great place! Was there 2 summers ago.

SO COOOOOOL !! :) I love you (kk) Come to Estonia =)


Photo perfect!!! I will go there this month, the day of my birthday!!!! I love Paris!!!! Josh, me and my friends love you!!

Your so cute! i love this! >.<

I Love you!


Haha sick picture! Whenever I try jumping in pics, I look like a complete idiot. You look adorable <3

love it!! :D


You are adorable! <3 Come back to NY?!

No way?! Sunlight in Paris!

ohell, youre amazing, cutest boy in earth, I wish I could jump that high when im playing handball :-)

Sweet!! Seems like your having fun.

Tayla Menti

such a tourist.. haha

this was taken the day before my birthday bbz


why didnt i think of doing that D:this is the 1st time ive seen the original. tumblr has a version where people have photoshopped in the best characters from all the fandoms. too hilarious!

Oh haha I was there last week! I love you!!!! Kisses from SPAIN!!!!!


AWESOME @jhutch1992

perfect :)


I would probably fall my ass off if I did that...

i love you too


did u have a good landing? looks legbreaking, hehe

maybe you could come back to France one time, and I'll make you a tour of Versailles if you haven't been there.=p I used to live there some years ago and I still study at university there. It's a very beautiful place.

I love you soo much(; I wish I could meet you in person<33

The person under your leg.. haha

good jump )

beautiful photos

beautiful photo

you are soooooo crazy, it is what makes you wonderful!

it is sooooooooooo awesome >w<

Do you have coat?! I adore coats *O*