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Jim Beaver

Maddie took this while we're waiting on dinner to finish cooking.

Super cute!!

you. are. adorable.

nice smile

Awww that is a great picture!

Great smile!!

so sweet man ♥

Awww, just the angle is adorable! Maddie must still be little.


Happy daddy!

She has a huge heart like her daddy, her mother would be proud.

That's nice glasses!

Awesome pic! Just love that proud daddy look!

G'day from WA you two!! Love the hat :D

You look a very contented father :)

Liking the hat, Jim.

Looking good there, Nice to see you smile...

I love that.

so nice!

Bonnie Webber

she loves her daddy

She is gonna be a photographer! She did well!


Sorry. But I am not little now. I'm 10 and a half years old turning 11 very soon. From, Maddie


What a lovely!

I agree with Cierra. You're adorable!!!! \O/ you know we love you, don't you? \O/

Você é incrível! Sou sua fã...