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Zach Braff

Hey @donald_faison I will no longer be needing your services...

That thumb should be pointing straight down and in line with the seam Mr braff!! : )

That's just amazing

OMG!!! that's an honor, seizes the moment Barak.

Chocolate bear!

WHY ??? :D'

Your life is way cooler than mine.

Hey! Whos the guy with Zach?

Conzgrazzles, Monsieur Braff.

Daniel Parker

Turk will always be my brown bear lol

WOW!! Nice picture. X

Daniel Parker

Sorry chocolate bear lol

Do you think Barack Obama comes home after work and says: "Hey Michelle, guess who I just met today?! Totally Zach Braff, man, totally!"

You have to choose one black friend ... So who is it gonna be Donald or Barak #lol

What a lucky, lucky guy... getting to meet someone who's made such a positive difference to America... hell, to the WORLD! President Obama, you lucky, lucky guy!



Well then.

Obama is a lucky, lucky man!

i can't believe you're cheating on Turk!

How come you got to meet Obama? He is one handsome president!


What Zach, you can only have one black friend? And you choose that guy?

Radiohead help with EVERYTHING! <3

awesome w/awesome on top.

You and donald look very cool in suits ;) :P Seriously, just having a handshake with him would be a blast for me.


Barak so lucky..


Barak so lucky)