9:18 am
Thursday, September 6, 2012
taken with Camera+ 3.0.2
on an Apple iPhone 4S
ISO 6401.9 mmƒ2.41/30s
  • Depth of Field
  • Thin Black
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  • Amber  Sep 6, 2012  

    Never been called yet...wonder if it's as soul destroyingly boring in the US as it is in the UK...

  • The Thief  Sep 6, 2012  

    JURY DUTY!! :/ Did you bring some Rival Sons along?

  • Paulette  Sep 6, 2012  

    LOL, you poor thing!

  • katie straka  Sep 6, 2012  

    Actually once you get on a case it's pretty cool!

  • Little  Sep 6, 2012  

    haha! Just do what i don't. never mind. have fun

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