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Photo of Pres Obama answering #My2k questions on twitter right now @whitehouse:

Thanks Mr. President for being so engaged with the American people!

Monika Weisman

Ah, Mr. President! Thank you for doing your job, which means, primarily, caring. I was a first-time voter this election, and I'm so thankful for all you do for this country and that we've re-elected you. I appreciate you, Mr. President!

If we have to go off the fiscal cliff to reset everything with fairness then lets do that, hopefully it will only be temporary!

fernando orellana

I didn't know that the White house was making computers! ;)


Nice MacBook mod :-)

Please do not give into the Republican obstructionism this time. Hold "our" ground. We need a public uprising against these lying, manipulative thugs.

Adina Sweitzer

We need to talk... what can we as the public do to make this country better? It's clear it can't be left up to Washington to FIX our problems, I'm speaking about the blockers. I can only bet there are football teams and basketball teams wishing they had the blockers in place like congress and senate have.

Thank you for standing up for the middle class:) We praying for you everyday!!

That's what leadership is all about! Keep it up Mr President! Fight for the rights of your people! Be blessed!

Thank you for being a Mac guy. Knew it all along.

Glad to see the White House likes Apple computers.

Thanks for being so tech savvy.

LeSia Parker

Mr. President your continued commitment to the American people is refreshing.

What do we do with people so insensitive to the plight of the nation's revenue situation as to run for Senator at the same time they promise to follow the Norquist pledge? I speak of the nearly useless Congressperson Decapito.

BJ Shawd

Thank you for speaking directly with us! Even though I only make about $24,000 with my SS & my job, I'd rather go over the cliff if necessary to END the tax cuts for the top 2% and pray we can then get a deal to get middle class ones back. Please also consider ending the CAP on Med/SS/Med P/R deductions. That would surely add a lot to revenue for them.

Mr President you are a blessing to many needy Americans! You leadership qualities, skills and attention and beyond reproach! Be blessed Sir!

I love that I can talk with my president via social media. You are an innovative and engaged leader, I thank you for that. I also love the POTUS seal on the computer!

Lynn Nolan

Mr. President, please don't cave in to cuts in Medicare or Social Security. We are behind your position 100% and the Republicans are wrong.

As a retired person trying to supplement my income with a new business and who has budgeted already that $2200 as a way to compete, it's an amount that could lead me to fail.

Jim Salk

If the Republicans want more cuts, let them propose some. When you negotiate, you state your position and let your opponents state theirs. So far, I haven't seen any specific Republican proposals. It's time for them to put a specific plan on the table.

Dr Mr President One question we need you to do as well .. Are you going to stand your ground like Russel Crow from the movie Gladiator or are you going to fold cause with the 23 drugs i am on I can't afford to pay attention !!

Repeating Jim Salk: If the Republicans want more cuts, let them propose some. When you negotiate, you state your position and let your opponents state theirs. So far, I haven't seen any specific Republican. It's time for them to put a plan on the table.

Jerry Friedrich

Thanks for doing this but please take leadership on the jobs front and forget about the tax rates. Services are paid with money not rates !!!

I would like to see a breakdown of how much each idea is worth - increasing taxes on the top 2%, cutting the mortgage interest deduction, cutting the charitable donation deduction, etc...

Jerry Friedrich

Please take leadership on creating jobs and forget about tax rates. Services are paid for by money not rates !!

I am with in a week about to walk across the stage and recieve my Associates degree! I have struggled from being homeless to finding my way to where I am today thanks to friends family. I am looking forward to getting a good job so that i can support not only myself, but soon on the horizon(sp) a family with help of course with my new husband. What does the ficsal cliff mean to those who are just now starting out and struggling to get to become self sufficant?

Mr. President in this second ur second tenure pl try and focus more on Africa. We need a metro system and refineries in Nigeria. They masses are dying silently

man, your President is awesome lol to be this engaged with everyday Americans via social media and taking questions like that. Other Presidents you had, could you see them doing this? I really don't think so. This President has set the bar for ALL countries around the world. He actually CARES about what Americans have to say and answering their questions directly, without media twisting his words! Good luck to another 4 more years to you, Sir. :)

This is good! i recommend you use this method more often Mr. President. It will save you tons of travel time too!

Hello Mr. Obama. I am from Georgia (Caucasus). How will US attitudes/policy changes towards Georgia after it supported Palestine's empowrement in UN? Thank you.

This is very cool Mr. President! I voted for you both times! It was because you can relate to everyday people and have shown that you really do care. How cool is it that our President in on social media and has a Twitter account? Very cool! Nathan S. in Florida

To be honest, I think that this will be the way future presidents will be doing business with the american people. While i may not agree with a lot of what he says and does, i do agree that this presidency(sp) will be breaking new ground with the technology that is now available. I think the potential is well under-used even now.

I agree with Anesha... I cannot believe that the Republicans want to throw 98% of Americans "under the bus" to save the wealthy 2%. It just shows who they represent.... NOT US. So, like the rest of us "lemmings"....I will jump! Please keep the stance! I've been unemployed for two years and my husband just lost his job...we have nothing to lose.

President Obama, we TRUST you to do what is right for ALL Americans! Do what you have to do, and we are standing behind you guarding your back! DO NOT give up or give in! If we have to go over the fiscal cliff/curb/mountain, so be it!!

Jerry Friedrich

Consider the Buffet recommendation as an agreed to starting point.

Ah c'mon Mr. President. We all know that's a MacBook. #apple


Thank You, Mr President for getting things done. You have set the bar high for anyone wanting to become President. If you open the doors to immigration won't that create revenue for Social Security?Hence, make it stronger in the long run.

I am afraid that we all are heading off the Fiscal Cliff ;(

Mr. President, am Adejobi frm Nigeria, may God countineu to be with u. Keep doing the best ok. Leave a comment...

Leave a comment...

Using Cam+ alone is automatically a +1 for me!

What no apple sponsorship??

A Concerned Citizen

Mr.President. What can we do about illegal immigration. There is a surge of Hispanic population that is causing American's to be required to speak Spanish. There is a surge of jobs now requiring people to be bilingual in Spanish. Unfortunately, a lot of American People are being overlooked due to the bilingual preferred status. I don't think this is fair because English has always been the dominate language and everyone should learn it. I am afraid that a lot of the cities will began to discriminate like Miami. My cousin just graduated from college and was offered a job, but the employer discontinued the employment because they wanted to hire someone bilingual. It is already hard enough to go through college and rake up student loans, now we have to worry about speaking another language? It is very hard finding work here if you don't speak Spanish. Miami belongs to everyone, including blacks who were born and raised here. Also, I don't think it's fair that bilingual in America should mean speaking Spanish and English. People should be able to learn what ever language they choose. This is not fair to the Asians who had to learn English and the other cultures as well. It is not fair to the Hispanics that were born here or brought here many years ago and were told by their parents that they should only learn English. Everyone thinks that every Hispanic speaks Spanish and that is not true. English should be the dominant language here. English is the universal business language in the World and everyone should know it. I see that America is really beginning to profit off of the Hispanic culture in a negative way. I am sorry, but I think a lot of the illegal immigrants nowadays are given much more than other immigrants who entered the country legally. I know many people who came here legally and struggled for their citizenship. Our Nation's debt is really taken a dive and I don't think we can afford to take care of illegal immigrants. It is not fair to have a child here in America, and the child reap benefits, but the Parents haven't contributed to anything, yet there are many American Citizens being denied health insurance and told they can't get help. I am not against the Hispanic culture at all, as I am partially Hispanic myself, I am just saying I think we should really buckle down on this costly issue. Is there a way to ban jobs from requiring a bilingual employee? Also, is there a way help the Hispanic's learn English? Is there a way to change the constitution so that kids who are born to illegal immigrants are denied automatic U.S status? Is there a way to have monthly audits on company's that are prone to hiring illegal immigrants?

Mr President stay strong and stay well. God bless you. We trust you to do whats best for the country.

Proud to wake up everyday and you are our President, don't back down to republicans Do what is right for America


Keep STANDING STRONG for the American people! We elected YOU to implement YOUR ideas! We're ready to go off fiscal cliff, if that's what it takes. GOP think they should get their losing policies, but we say NO!

sherryan lima

Thank you Sir for all you do and continue to do for the American People. I wish I could have been there today. I and 100's of thousands of citizens are out there fighting along side of you as you work to do what is right for all of us, a Americans first. We really need to remind the Republican House that the Clinton tax cuts worked. If the top 2% are made to pay a little more to balance out the tax cuts on the middle class the what will happen-well we, meaning the middle class will in-fact feel comfortable to spend which contributes to the 2%'s profit margin there by making your plan a win win for everyone. Take in fact what happened in 08 after the election. The masses were so scared by the fear tactic campaign that everyone stopped spending, what happened, well the economy suffered, which is why there was such a slow recovery. Not because of your plan. Everything stems from the people of this country believing that they feel safe enough to spend which moves the economy forward. Oh also let the people of this Country know that you will not compromise on what is important, but are doing what you can to cut waste where it needs be. Stand Firm Sir, The Majority of the people of this Country are with you, Keep up the good work, I am very Proud of you and your whole Administration.......

sherryan lima

Thank you sir for a job well done. I wish I could have been there in DC today. If I had been I would have reminded our Representatives of a view key things- As a Wife of a Small Business Owner and a proud member of the middle class I feel that it so important for our Elected Officials to work together for the common good of the American people. I truly hope that those Great Men and Women that are making the final decision on how much taxes to impose will consider a few key points. 1: We Elected you all to work together with our President (not against), for the common good of all, not just the top 2 percent. 2: It really doesn't matter how much money they drop into your Campaign if it doesn’t turn out the vote. 3: The Vote of the people is the true power in this Country; which was made evident in this last election 4: It is the middle class that spends and consumes, there by upping the economy 5: If you take approximately 200 a month away from a middle class family or person and they can not pay there electric bill, then they will not feel so inclined to consume, there by hurting the economy and the upper 2-percents profits. 6: Raising the taxes on the upper 2 percent won't hurt them, but actually benefit those companies and people, by putting more money in the pockets of the people that buy their products, "The Middle Class" 7: Giving larger tax breaks to the wealthiest few has not contributed one dime to the betterment of this economy, there by suggesting that theory doesn't work. On the flip side the Clinton tax code did and was successful in balancing the budget, which raises the question, "Why is there even a question?" 8: Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement's, but a retirement fund that one pays into and legally should not be touched because of a good faith agreement with the Government that our benefits that we “paid” for will be there when we need them. 9: Food-stamps and the like are safety nets that have been put into place to keep us as a society from falling into a deep depression and will be even more necessary if you charge the middle class more of a percentage on taxes. 10: A well Educated society is a more productive one, there by consuming and paying more into the tax-base, which will elevate the economy as a whole. Education is and always has been the path to success, thereby making it a smart investment for our Country and one that should never be skimped upon. I am so proud of you and your Administration and am here to let you know that we, meaning I and 100's of thousands of other Citizens are here fighting right along side of you. We thank you for always doing what is right and never giving up. Your Belief in the People of this Country is just what we need right now. Again I thank you for all you have done and all you will do! Mahalo! :-)

He's got them purple lips from smoking blunts ~,,~

Mr. President, I am so proud of you and feel privileged to have you as my President. It breaks my heart to see some of the things people say about you; of course, then there are the ones in congress who are a another whole story. May I apologize for the people who don't understand what you are trying to do for this country. I'm nearly 65 but have been disabled for many years. I live alone, depend on Social Security and Medicare to survive. I'm barely able to make ends meet now, and if there are cuts to either programme, I have no idea how I'll keep my head above water. Please stand strong against the Republicans and don't cut Social Security or Medicare. So many of us out here are struggling, and many far more so than I.....Thank you for your time, Sir, and God bless you, our country and Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family, including your 4 footed Bo.

Thank you Mr. President for standing up for the middle-class and thanks for allowing the American people to have a voice!


President Obama, I doubt you'll read this, but if you do, I just want to say thank you and you inspire me as an American. You restored my faith in America. Someday I hope to meet you,

Thank you, Mr. President, for your leadership in these tough times. If we have to go off the "fiscal curb", then let's do it, and start anew first thing in January! My prayer if for a happy, prosperous New Year for America, for the World.

Mr Prez I am trying to take advantage of the HAMP program #Homekeeper to save my home from foreclosure in NJ. Unemployed 18 mths. Please help! #my2k

Love it..but as POTUS, he seems to have to Tweet in a tie!?!?! ;)


Daly City Diversity OFA/ has his back ! We are having phone banks at Sug's Event Center who is a black woman who went through college with student loans and owns this small business and will suffer and possibly close down if she does not maintain the Middle Class Tax cuts!!

Emmie Dell Reed

DALY CITY DIVERSITY PHONE BANK DATE: Saturday, December 8 TIME: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm LOCATION: Sug's Event Center 22 Hillcrest Dr Daly City, CA 94014 Middle class over Millionaires. Help extend middle class tax cuts.

Is this where you said "...tweet your member...."? #justaskin #tcot

Is this where you tweeted...."tweet your member...."? #justaskin #tcot


He has a nice watch.