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Mike Briercliffe mikejulietbravo
The Workstation Price War - 25 years ago - Unix Systems Magazine - August 87, #SPARC
2:13 pm
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
taken with Camera+ 3.0.2
on an Apple iPhone 4S
ISO 2004.3 mmƒ2.41/20s
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  • Mike Briercliffe  Oct 24, 2012  

    The question that comes in to my mind immediately is - Why did Sun/SPARC survive and the other two didn't?

  • Phil Dunn  Nov 2, 2012  

    Why did SPARC survive and others didn't? Its called software and a rock solid, proven OS-Solaris! When Solaris 10 arrived, supporting X86 and SPARC, it gave SPARC a new lease on life, and now with Oracle, SPARC is again on the next rebirth.

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