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Samuel L. Jackson SamuelLJackson
Got my Royal Box on at Wimbledon today! Great match!
2:02 pm
Sunday, July 6, 2014
taken with Camera+ 5.1
on an Apple iPhone 5s
ISO 502.2 mmƒ2.41/745s
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  • Matty pitt  Sep 16, 2015  

    Hi ule i am a relly big fan of ur s me and u have a lot in common u like star wars and I like star wars and u like the avngers same here I just brort the new avengers I have a lot of films what you are in and one day be a movie star like you are I hope to star in a movie with u in and that would make my day i am writing a superhero book at the moment moment and hope I can turn it into a movie its called tigertron the carritor is a bit like thor and copin Amacan as well a super soger and a god in one

  • Daniel Griffin  Sep 21, 2015  

    I really like the picture it is clear and vivid! So hard to believe that you can get that picture from an app! Thanks @SamuelLJackson. @danielgriffin81.

  • Ronald E.Smith Jr.  Oct 10, 2015  

    That's what's up

  • مصطفي حسين  Jan 10, 2016  


  • mark slavin  Feb 5, 2016  

    You could be playing God on Supernatural. Or would that be a stretch.

  • TheCritic  May 23, 2016  

    I think Matty could be on to something here!!... I suggest asking his psychiatrist when is the best time to visit and go through his ramblings...oh sorry go through his script...

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