5 Tips for Shooting in Low Light

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

Shooting in low light can seem like an impossible task in a world where the “light & airy” edit is so popular. But it is a great skill to have, especially now, when a lot of your photographs might be taken in your home.

I’m going to walk you through 5 quick tips to improve your low light photography using Camera+ 2.

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  1. Long Exposure:

Camera+ 2 has a Slow Shutter Mode that will give you control over your exposure. Use that slow shutter to let in more light for subjects that don’t move around! Make sure to use a tripod to avoid camera shake. And don’t forget that you can use Siri or the timer setting as a trigger.

2. ISO:

Shooting with a higher ISO in the app is a great way to let in more light. ISO can add grain to your image but Camera+ 2 still can take great, sharp photos with a higher ISO. So don’t let it scare you! Some people even like grain in their photos! That’s why we have an option to add more in our lab!

To use ISO in the app you’ll need to switch to Manual Mode. Click the lens icon in the middle to access the exposure and ISO wheels. You can click Auto and let the app choose settings based on the lighting of your scene or slide the wheel to choose your own.

3. Focus:

Finding your focus in the dark can be harder. Your camera uses light to find the focus points. To make sure your low light images stay sharp, take advantage of the focus features in our app. Tap on the screen to set your focus. Choose a spot with more contrast when shooting in a darker room.

Use our Focus Peaking feature to get even more help. It will highlight the parts of your scene that are in focus – taking out all the guesswork.

4. Shoot in RAW:

A RAW image will have more data in the darker parts of your image. This gives you a better chance of adding more “light” in your editing process. You will also have more flexibility in the color edits and in noise reduction to help with the grain in your image if you used a higher ISO.

5. Color vs Black & White:

My last tip is to think about your edit. Shooting in low light can alter the white balance of your image because your light sources are less likely to be natural. Luckily Camera+2 has great tools for working with color. Use tint or temperature in The Lab or White Balance in the RAW Editor. And if you still aren’t happy with the colors, a black & white image is always a classic!

Good luck capturing those moody images! We wanna see all the great low light images you take! Tag us on Instagram #cameraplus2

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven