A Holiday Update for Camera+ 2

Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.


We’ve just launched our latest update for Camera+ 2, here are all of the juicy (and festive) details:

Season’s greetings from all of us here at LateNiteSoft! This year as we were gathered around the (virtual) office holiday tree to read A Christmas Carol, we decided that we would fill our stockings with a multitude of little things that have been *ahem* bugging us.

First we decided to light up our home screens once again with the wintry festivity of our seasonal snowy icon. We hope you enjoy it too!

Then, we moved on to presents for Christmas past, present, and future.

For Christmas past, we have taken your feedback to heart and made some significant improvements in areas we felt really needed it. We’ve polished up the crop and straighten interface, so that now they can be used together to really make your photos shine. We also sped up the preview of slow shutter, so you can get more accurate shots of your neighbor’s light displays. Finally we made sure that when you’re using the torch, that it remembers properly when it was on and at what level, so you can get right back to snapping after checking your last shot.

For Christmas present we’re looking to all of you who might have a shiny new 2021 iPad under the tree. We’ve ensured that Camera+ 2 always aligns itself, and detects all of the available cameras properly, and that Portrait mode only appears when a camera is selected that is capable of portrait photography. 

Finally, for Christmas future, we have a gift for those who haven’t yet gotten acquainted with Camera+ 2. Now, the first time you start up the app, you’ll be presented with a quick tour to help you get started. 

Once again, from all of us at LateNiteSoft, we wish you a happy, peaceful, and safe holiday season.

As always thanks for your continued support. If you’re experiencing any problems with this update please end us a note via the in-app bug reporter .

Published by Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.