Camera+ 2 brings you 12 Gifts this Holiday

Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.

Here at LateNiteSoft, we love and cherish you, our dear photographers. While planning this update we decided it was time to show you just how much we care. So in the spirit of the season of giving we’ve taken requests from big to small and made them a part of Camera+ 2 specifically to delight between one and at least 50 of you. So sit back, stoke the yule log fire, grab some eggnog, and sing along with us to:

The 12 features of Camera+ 2

  1. If you were expecting some sort of witty Partridge in a Pear tree joke here, we’re going to have to disappoint. (Seriously have you ever tried to come up with one?!) What we can give you is an easier way to read this, our release notes. Now release notes respect your system settings for text size. Awesome, huh?.
  2. This feature was stolen by the Grinch. In its place we’ve stuffed a few old socks with bug carcas- I mean fixes. And some performance enhancements! 🙁
  3. Have you ever been irritated when you tapped to zoom in and see the detail in a photo, turn your device to landscape to get the best view, and the toolbar doesn’t turn with you? Well someone was. Now no one has to be ever again.
  4. If you thought we were done with the “Zoomed” view, you’ve underestimated us! We know you love taking burst photos of wildlife, pets, children, and anything else that moves quickly. Now you can take that one perfect shot out of the burst and move it to your lightbox. This was actually one of our engineers’ gifts to himself. If you’ve ever questioned how much we love photography, this alone should put an end to it!
  5. What’s better than golden rings? Um actually that’s pretty hard to top. So we added some gifts for RAW aficionados. Not only can you export multiple DNG’s at once, but we’ve also added the ability to share your DNG’s with other apps.
  6. If you’re an avid user of the favorite system, we have a little something under the tree for you! When you’re viewing your Photo Library from within Camera+ 2 you can now add and remove them from your favorites seamlessly. We don’t want to make this weird but Tod W. from Maryland… Wish granted buddy.
  7. Sometimes the mood just isn’t quite right, and a bit of lighting makes all the difference. Enter, torch mode. But sometimes that little light on your device is just too bright. We want mood not glare right? Well we’ve got mood to spare now that we’ve given you a wheel to customize the brightness of your torch anywhere between 10 and 100%. So whether you’re roasting chestnuts by the fire or skating in the park, you’ll always have perfect lighting.
  8. Without you our dear photographers it wouldn’t simply be a blue Christmas, it would be gray. That being said, gray has its uses and for anyone who finds a brand new gray card in their stocking this year, we have a gift to go along with it. Gray card support has been added to manual white balance. Use it to make sure your snow never looks yellow again!

  9. Have you ever taken a burst and wished you could play that cherished moment back? Consider this the feature you never knew you needed. With a few taps, turn a burst into an animated gif(t) to share with everyone on your nice list.
  10. Camera+ 2 is used by so many people for so many different types of things. From artistic shots to product photography to medical institutions to hobbyists, we’re proud to appeal to a wide range of photographers and give all of you the tools you need to get exactly the shot you want. For all of you hard workers out there, Santa left an automatic date and time stamp under the tree for you.
  11. Finally, you’ve come up with the perfect formula. The most closely guarded secret recipe for the perfect combination of edits to make every photo look more magical than a sugar plum fairy. Instead of copying the formula and pasting to each individual photo, you can now select multiple photos, and like magic, paste the edits on to all of them at once.
  12. And finally, the grand finale, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well at least 50 of you. By far the most requested feature for Camera+ 2 is Apple Watch support. Or shall we say *was* Apple Watch support. For those of you with a shiny new watch this holiday season, we have a watch app covered in virtual tinsel to go with it for you. Actually it’ll even work if  your watch isn’t that new (but not Generation 0, sorry…).

Well folks, that’s it, the list is made, we’ve checked it twice. We hope you enjoy these gifts this holiday season and look forward to making your photography experience even better next year.

Happy Holidays,

The Camera+ 2 Team

Published by Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.