Camera+ 2: Introduction to Shortcuts

Karl Baron

Formerly-globetrotting developer, now settled down in Japan.

Shortcuts, which were added in iOS 12, is a handy feature that lets you automate common tasks and tie together the capabilities of different apps. Apple has greatly enhanced the types of shortcut actions that apps can offer in iOS 13, and Camera+ 2 is ready to take advantage of them!

Shortcuts since iOS 12

Camera+ 2 added support for Shortcuts in iOS 12, beginning with these. You can set up these shortcuts by going into the “Siri Shortcuts” section in the menu and adding them from there.

You can add them to workflows by installing the Shortcuts app and adding actions from Camera+ 2 there.

⌛️Wait warning

Due to the way that shortcut actions work in iOS, Camera+ 2 is unable to inform a workflow when it’s done, so the workflow will instantly continue to the next action. This limitation is solved for consecutive actions performed inside of Camera+ 2 (such as a workflow of “shoot, edit, save”), but if your workflow continues in apps aside from Camera+, they may start before Camera+ 2 is done working.

In workflows like this, please manually add a “Wait” action (found in the “Scripting” section) of a few seconds to allow the actions to complete. This applies to the actions listed with a Wait Warning: [⌛️WW].

Open the camera,
Shooting a photo

Automate opening up the camera or shooting a photo. You can use this to take a photo hands-free with Siri – useful to avoid camera shake from your hand, or maybe if your phone is in a dashboard holder and you want to take a photo of something happening when you’re driving. [⌛️WW]

Editing the latest photo

Once you’ve taken a photo, you can apply edits to it! When setting up the edit photo shortcut, it will remember the last settings you used at the time of setup and use those whenever you activate the shortcut. You can set up as many of these shortcuts as you want with different edits. [⌛️WW]

Saving the latest photo

Save your newly-shot or edited photo to the camera roll, ready for sharing. [⌛️WW]

New with iOS 13

Changes in how Shortcuts are implemented in iOS 13 has allowed us to add the ability for Camera+ 2 actions in workflows to receive and pass on photo data between different apps. This allows Camera+ 2 to edit photos received directly from another app and then pass those edited photos on to yet another app for sharing. This can result in powerful workflows where you can Camera+ 2 as a strong link in a chain.

iOS 13 also adds your workflows directly into the standard sharing dialog in any app, so you can create a Camera+ 2 editing workflow and directly apply it to that photo you spotted on Twitter straight from inside the app!

Adding a photo to the Lightbox

Use Shortcuts to add photos from any app supplying them as a result straight to the Lightbox. This can be used to grab photos directly out of another app, or from your phone’s Photo Library. [⌛️WW]

Getting a photo from the Lightbox

Once you’re done editing a photo, you might want to send it off to keep processing in another app or just share it with the world.

Putting it all together

Here are a few ideas for workflows you can create using these tools. If you’ve put Camera+ 2 to good use in a Shortcuts workflow, don’t hesitate to send it to us!

Published by Karl Baron

Formerly-globetrotting developer, now settled down in Japan.