Camera+ 2 version 1.5 is here!

Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.

We are really proud and excited about this release! In addition to adding support for iOS 12 and the new iPhone XS and XS Max devices, we have taken the opportunity to add a few new features that we hope our customers will find very convenient.

Siri shortcuts (iOS 12 only)

You can create Siri shortcuts for the actions you perform the most in Camera+ 2. For example, you can simply say “Hey Siri! Shoot selfie” instead of unlocking the device, launching the app, switching to the front-facing camera and tapping the button. It’s way more fun and faster, especially when your phone is already at arm’s length. It’s also great when you don’t want to touch the screen to avoid motion blur, such as when composing a slow shutter photo on a tripod.

You can configure Siri shortcuts for the following actions:

  • Shoot photo
  • Shoot selfie photo
  • Shoot macro photo
  • Open camera
  • Open the selfie camera
  • Open the camera in macro mode
  • View photos
  • Edit the photo last taken
  • Apply recent edits to the latest photo
  • Save last photo

You can also use the iOS 12 Shortcuts app to combine these actions together and create voice commands that match your own personal workflow.

Compatible with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Camera+ 2 is gorgeous in the new displays. All the advanced camera features you are used to (manual controls, RAW capture, dedicated shooting modes) work great in the new iPhones, and the extremely fast hardware make it a joy to use.

Focus peaking

Let Camera+ 2 estimate what subjects in your frame are in focus, and forget the guesswork. This is especially useful for photographers that like to use manual focus, but also in lighting situations where the image in your viewfinder is not clear or contrasty enough.

Focus peaking is available for both iOS 11 and iOS 12, and it’s compatible with iPhone 6 or better.

Configure your preferred save-to album in your Photo Library

Camera+ 2 is greatly integrated with the photos you already have in your Photo Library, so many people choose to ignore the Lightbox and simply shoot to the Photo Library and edit from there. To give those users additional flexibility, you can now choose what album you want to save to when you are shooting with Camera+ 2. Some people will use a specific Camera+ album until they decide the keepers among all the photos they shot, others might want to create event-specific albums before they even start capturing. And if you use iCloud integration, you’ll appreciate that this setting allows better management and classification so your photos appear in a reasonable place in other devices.

Copy, Paste and Undo edits in the Photo Library

Until now, those handy actions were only available for photos that you keep in your Lightbox. Starting with version 1.5, you can copy, paste or undo Camera+ 2 edits on photos that you already saved to your library. In order to copy and paste edits, you need to tap on the ellipsis icon (…) that appears in the Edits section of the detailed Info view.

Configure your Launch Settings

There is no right or wrong way to use Camera+. Some people prefer it for shooting, others like its editing capabilities, and some prefer to shoot with their iPhone and edit in their larger-screen iPad. We have added a startup preference so you can select what section of the app you want to see when the app first launches: Camera, Lightbox, Photo Library or simply reuse the last section you visited. This only applies to fresh launches of the app – going to the background and resuming will still display the same section you were using.

Improved Depth-mode viewfinder

Depth capture preview was a bit too flickery in some situations, especially if your subjects or phone were moving. We have now softed it down so the image in your viewfinder shows a nicer display of what your photo will look like when you shoot it.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

As it is our norm with every release, we have incorporated fixes for many of the issues our customers have reported. If you notice anything amiss, please do let us know and we’ll work on it!

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Published by Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.