Camera+ 2 version 3.5 update

Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.

Camera+ and Camera+ 2 have, since their first moments of existence, been about balancing professional features with incredible ease of use. Over the years as iPhone camera technology and features have evolved this philosophy has remained constant and presented us with some unique challenges to view our interface from many different perspectives. In our efforts to continue giving all of our users the best experience possible, we’d like to introduce you to two new presets: Auto and Manual.

Auto mode is a nod to all of you out there who just want the best photo they can take, as quickly as possible, with little fuss. Sometimes it’s easy to miss that special moment when you’re fiddling with a control wheel and this mode strips away all of the distractions, letting you focus on the important thing, your subject. In Auto mode you won’t find buttons to expand into more controls, simply the EV wheel and if you choose to use them touch focus and exposure. Best of all, we use all of the cameras so you don’t have to. When you press the shutter button in Auto mode, we intelligently looks at each camera using criteria like light and zoom levels, and instantly choose the best one for the job.

Manual mode is more or less what we used to call “No Preset”, or the default mode of Camera+ 2. One notable change is that the camera switcher has been moved from inside the preview window to the bottom bar area just to the right of White Balance. All of the manual controls are shown by default in this mode making the option to do so in the menu obsolete. For our more advanced users this just means one less setting to worry about, and fewer taps to get to the perfect shot.

We’ve added a few minor changes and enhancements as well:
In all modes we’ve added more refined support for the third lens in the iPhone 11 Pro. We’ve stepped up our camera switcher game so that you can get to the lens you want in the least number of taps possible.

When you’re browsing your Photo Library from inside Camera+ 2 you can now see at a glance which photos contain depth data whether they’ve been captured in Camera+ 2 or not via the Portrait badge.

And lastly, we’ve squooshed a number of minor bugs too numerous to list here.

As always thanks for your continued support and appreciation. If you’re experiencing any problems with this (or any other update) please don’t hesitate to send us a note via the bug reporter in the menu.

Published by Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.