Documenting Your Day

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

We are living through a significant point in history right now. And it is possible that your life looks different day-to-day that it used to. Documenting this time with photography could create some meaningful memories.

Follow along as our Marketing Maven, Rachel, teaches you some tips for using Camera+ 2 to document your days & gives you a look through her lens.

Hi! I’m Rachel. Most articles I have read about documentary photography recommend shooting a story that “matters.” You might feel like your story doesn’t matter but I promise it does. One of the great things about Documentary Photography is that there are really no rules. You don’t have to worry about how “exciting” your content is. You can make your images as simple or as complex as interests you. The only guideline is that Documentary photography, by definition is truthful. It needs to be authentic and unstaged. Your aim should be to show things how they are- don’t direct the scene.

To get started, ask yourself, “What is the story you want to tell?” This can be as simple as, “I want to show what my day looks like.” Or it can be more specific, “I want to document my daily yoga practice.”

Once you know the story you want to tell, you need to break it down. What is different about your story? What stands out about your day? What are the things you value most? These are the things that should be your inspiration. If it holds meaning for you, that will show through in your photographs.

Some ideas of what to show:

  • Wide shots. Show a whole space. Think about more than just the subject.
  • Self portraits. Make sure you show your role in your story.
  • Details. What are the little things that seem important?

Be prepared for the unexpected. Say you are planning to shoot your kids as they do their school work but when you start to shoot they get rowdy – shoot anyway. You wanted to shoot your kitty on his favorite perch but he’s not cooperating? Shoot anyway. Tell your story as it unfolds.

Embrace the light you have. If you are going to be prepared for anything, you’ll need to be able to shoot in lots of lighting scenarios. Make sure you are familiar with how to change your exposure, ISO, and shutter speed. You might have to change things quickly. Learn more about this in our blog post: Finding the Best Light in Your Home.

Make sure to always have your camera on you. Thats the great thing about shooting with your iPhone! Chances are you keep it with you all the time and you can be ready to shoot quickly. Set up Siri commands in Camera + 2 to open the app – ready with your favorite settings.

Now it is time to create. Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • What is inspiring you right now?
  • What is a moment you could photograph over & over?
  • What do you want to remember about this time?
  • How can you position yourself in order to show the scene best?
  • Who are you sharing this with?
  • What is something meaningful to you?
  • What is something that is very different for you right now? What is something that is the same?
  • Have you gotten in front of your camera?

If you get stuck for ideas on what to shoot, take some time to just observe – you’ll find your inspiration again. Don’t forget, your story matters. Documenting your time during this event has value. Happy shooting!

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven