Film Vibes

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

I learned to shoot on film – back when I was a baby photographer. So, even though I shoot mostly digital now, I am still always hunting for those film vibes.

Come along with me as I edit a couple photos and show you the tricks to create my favorite film looks. 


Portra film is my favorite stock to shoot on! I like it best in medium format. Its soft buttery tones are perfect for portrait photography. This week I figured out just how to get the look in Camera+ 2.

Watch my edit here:

Ilford HP5

For black and white images my go-to film is Ilford HP5. It has great contrast and subtle film grain. You can easily recreate this look in Camera+ 2.

Watch my edit here:

If you love these steps then I highly suggest creating a Favorite! Save your editing steps to use over and over! Learn all about our feature Favorites and how to make your own here.


If you just can’t get enough of the film look we have several options in our filter packs. Several of our filters are inspired by film stock.

Check out filters “Vintage” and “On Film” in the Social Pack

“Toy Camera” in the Retro Pack

“Diana” and “XPRO C-41” & the rest of the I Heart Analog Pack

Keep being inspired by film when you are editing your digital images so we can keep film alive! #filmisnotdead

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Happy Editing!

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven