Get Creative with Magic ML

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

We are so excited to introduce you to Camera+ 2’s newest feature, Magic ML. With just one touch the app edits your photos for you using some kind of sorcery! (To learn more about this sorcery, get a behind the scenes look at the making of Magic ML here.)

I’ve been using Magic ML, for a few weeks now and I’ve gotten a chance to try it out on some of my best photos…and some of my worst. I wanted to share my results with you so you can see for yourself the power this feature has!

First let me show you how to use it! It’s so simple. The Magic ML feature is the first choice when you open The Lab. Just tap – and abracadabra – you will watch your image change!

Slide over through the rest of the options and you will be able to see the edits Magic ML made highlighted in yellow.

At this point you can save your image as-is or you can make additional edits. You can change or add anything in the lab or switch over to Crops, Filters, and other app features.

Now, let me show you what it can do!

Magic ML targets the temperature, exposure, brightness & contrast, and highlights & shadows. You can see all of that at work here in the image of the parrot. Magic ML gave it all the little touches it needed to go from plain iPhone capture to something that pops!

Once I saw the great edits I could get on my images, I decided to dig through images on my phone and find some that could really benefit from a little magic!

This first image of my daughter and our cat was such a quick snap. Neither of them hold still for very long so when I saw them sitting like this together, I knew I wanted to capture it even though they were backlit. The image turned out pretty overexposed and before I could make in-camera adjustments, the moment was over.

But Magic ML managed to recover quite a bit of it – darkening just enough to bring information back to the highlights.

I love the way Magic ML handled the white balance on this next one! I never edited this photo because it was annoying to try and fix the yellow color from the basement’s lights. (White balance can be such a pain! I always try and get it right in-camera if I can). But, it really does seem like magic. One click and this image that was lost in my iPhone – destined to never be edited – looks so great!

This last image has special meaning to me. It is a collection of mementos from the house I grew up in. I’ve had it unedited on my phone for over a year now and I never could get the edit right in other apps. I played with shadows and color and contrast and filters – just about everything short of editing in Photoshop. I never could get it all to look right.

I was so happy to find it again and try Magic ML to see what it could do. It eliminated the harsh lighting from the overhead light with ease. It corrected the color and deepened the shadows just right. I am so thrilled with the results!

Fun tip for something extra:

After applying Magic ML, use another Camera+ 2 favorite – Clarity Pro. The combination of the two can be really awesome.

Magic ML creates a beautiful edit and Clarity Pro gives it that extra boost we all love!

One last thing,

“But Rachel, it looks like Magic ML didn’t change my photo at all.” Don’t despair! If it looks unchanged then the program believes your photo is already great. Congrats!

So excited for you all to get this update and try out Magic ML. Come find us on instagram and tag us in your sorcery! #cameraplus2

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven