Introducing Camera+ Studio

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

For a very long time, fans of Camera+ 2 have asked us when we would be bringing the app to the desktop. We’ll that time is now! Camera+ Studio is now available for Mac.

You can edit with some of your favorite tools on the big screen with our full suite of editing tools. Whether you want to make quick edits or really hone in on the details, Camera+ Studio has tools to meet your needs. Easy-to-use sliders and colorful design make it easy to get your settings just right.

Clarity Pro

Elevate your images with just one tool. Clarity Pro is the perfect one-stop-shop for images that pop. It has always been a fan favorite in Camera+ 2 so we HAD to add it to Camera+ Studio. If you’ve never used it, Clarity Pro is the best way to get clearer + more vibrant images. Change the intensity and give your vibrancy a boost with gorgeous sliders. You’ll find this tool near the top. Because it’s the best!

Magic ML

Edit with the power of machine learning.

Our sophisticated neural network trained on thousands of professional photos and learned how to edit your images with one click! Magic ML instantly analyzes your photo and picks the right amount of color, exposure, brightness & contrast + it tweaks your highlights & shadows. It’s magic is even better on the big screen.

+ So Much More!

We are planning so many more great tools for future updates so stay tuned for more. Follow us on instagram @cameraplusofficial and twitter @latenitesoft to get all the latest news.

Available on the Mac App Store now!

You can read more about Camera+ Studio here

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven