Introducing Macro!

Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.

We’re all very excited to announce our latest app, Macro by Camera+! Check out the details below:

From the developers that brought you the best-selling Camera+, and Camera+ 2, Macro by Camera+ will instantly be another staple of your digital camera bag.
The goal of Macro by Camera+ is to take the fuss out of taking amazing-looking close-up photos. The app intelligently chooses the best lens for your shot, and gives you just the right tools to make your subject shine. And there’s no hardware envy required: Macro is compatible with any iPhone that can run iOS 15!
The controls in Macro by Camera+ are laser focused and powerfully aimed at getting the perfect up-close image in crystal clear focus. It includes manually controlled focus and EV so you can precisely control the focus and brightness of your photo.
It also features several handy on-screen tools to help you frame and plan your shot. – Focus peaking outlines what parts of your photo are in focus. – Grid helps you position your subject on the screen. – Histogram lets you visualize the relative brightness of your shot.
After you carefully frame and shoot your photo, Macro by Camera+ will intelligently apply our secret formula to make your subjects crisp and contrasty, without making them look unnatural!
And because Macro by Camera+ saves directly to your Photo Library, your shots are instantly available for editing in your favorite software (like Camera+ 2).

You can find Macro by Camera+ on the App Store!

Published by Noël Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.