Meet Our New Filter Pack: Social

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest filter pack! 

When I started designing this pack I drew my inspiration from my favorite instagram photos. As a marketer with a photography background I spend a lot of time researching the kinds of images that are on trend. These filters are based on the best of the best!

Let me introduce them to you!


I think Sunrise is my favorite. It’s best feature is the sunset gradient overlay. It works beautifully on dark images where the colors really pop. It’s more subtle on bright white images- just adding a touch of color. Try it on a blue sky to see something really fun. 

Desert Vibes

I’m a desert dweller so a Desert inspired filter was a must for me. But if you don’t live there you can still get that warm golden feeling for your images. Desert Vibes works well with a variety of image types but really shines on a photo with some greens!


I knew I wanted to be a photographer the first time I developed my own black & white film so I had to include a b&w filter in this pack. Most of my personal work is still in black & white and I developed this filter’s feel based on my favorite monochromatic looks. Classic is contrasty & moody. She’ll give your photos a dark and cinematic ambiance.


Blush was a must have in a social filter pack. I see so many businesses and influencers using blush tones to brand their images. And it works so well! I mean, pink peonies are so popular for a reason. Blush is timeless. This filter gives your imagery a creamy pink tone and a bright & airy wash. Lighter images will look extra dreamy and darker tones will have a faded look.


Every good pack has to have a vintage addition! This one was inspired by the resurgence of the disposable camera. A little moody and a little warm – like the settings aren’t perfect but that’s why you love it.


Filter #6 is simply called Mood because it has a bit of an attitude. The deep tones and extra saturated colors make this filter stand out! It works best on images with a lot of color but can be used on less colorful images too – it will just be a more subtle adjustment.

On Film

I love a good filter with film grain and this one definitely adds some. It also adds richer tones and bolder shadows.


This filter is all about deep shadows. Apply to a dark image for great blacks or to a bright image for sharper contrast. No flat images here! I love this filter for architecture imagery. Take Lifely on your next trip for great travel edits.


This filter is just cool 😎 Add soft, cool tones to your images and make your colors pop with Lofty. Images will take on the trendy “light & airy” look without fading your colors. Lofty looks great on a variety of photos but I am loving it on florals. I think it would look beautiful on photos from a wedding.

Experiment with all the filters or choose your favorite and apply it to all your social media imagery for a consistent feed. Just don’t forget to use our #cameraplus2 so I can see how they look on the awesome images you take. I can’t wait!

Happy Shooting.

Check out our video here.

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven