New Tool: Favorites

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

If you have the most recent update for Camera+2 you may have noticed a new feature called favorites. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll find it in The Lab at the top of the screen.

Favorites is a way to save your best editing steps so you can use them again and again! 

  • That perfect edit you did on an image of last night’s sunset? Save the steps and apply it to all the sunsets you shoot! 
  • Shoot a lot of food photography in your bright kitchen? Create the perfect base edit for all your kitchen imagery and save yourself time editing in the future.
  • Have a couple favorite filters? Save them to your favorites for even quicker access.

Favorites are also a great way to create a signature style. Having a set of edits that are uniquely yours will keep your edit efficient and your style consistent.

Let me show you how to create some of your own favorites!

First, pick your image and click edit.

Second, make your edits! Anything you do here will be added to the next favorite you create. Scenes, Crops, The Lab, Filters, and Frames are all options for creating the edits you want to include.

Click favorites up top and it will open a screen with thumbnails of your favorites! The first thing you will see an option for a New Favorite. Creating a new favorite will save all the editing steps currently applied to the image you have open.

Click and give it a name! I like to name mine something that will remind me what effect I’ll get – like this one – Airy & Bold. It reminds me that my edits will brighten the image a lot and darken the shadows.

Sometimes, though, I’ll name a favorite for the shoot I’m on or the event I’m attending – like this one called 30th Birthday Dinner – that I created at my sister’s birthday party. That way I could easily edit all the images I took that night with the same settings.

Once you have created a few faves you will always be able to access them up top – available to use on any image once you have clicked edit.

When you open favorites up you see all your thumbnails applying that edit to the image currently open – a lot like our filters do. You can then choose the favorite that looks best if you didn’t have one already in mind.

Now that the favorite is applied, you can continue editing. If it’s not quite perfect for your image or you want to crop it…add it now and it will only affect the current image. The favorite will remain unchanged for future use!

A few options:

When looking at your favorites, you will see the ellipsis icon in the corner. Click this and it will give you a small menu. Here you can rename it, delete it, and share it. Text it to a friend and they can open it in Camera+2 on their phone and edit in your style!

You can also click info. This is going to give you a list of the edits that are included in the favorite – in case you don’t remember. And again you can share, rename, and delete from within here.

Enjoy favorites! Share some of your images with us #cameraplus2

We are so excited for you to start creating your own favorites but we’d love to share Rachel’s Airy & Bold Favorite (from above) to start your collection!


Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven