One Edit – Big Impact

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

One of the best things about shooting on the iPhone is that all the tools you need to edit are also right there at your fingertips. Shooting > editing > posting & sharing can all take place in minutes and still look amazing!

Camera+ 2 has several editing tools + features that can be utilized for quick – sometimes one tap – editing.

Today we’re walking through several of those! Try them all out and find your favorite quick edit features.

Magic ML

Magic ML harnesses the power of machine learning to perform sorcery on your photos. A sophisticated neural network trained on thousands of professionally shot photos instantly analyzes your photo and picks just the right amount of color, exposure, brightness & contrast, and tweaks your highlights and shadows.

You can find Magic ML as the first option in the Lab, and for good reason. Sometimes it is the only option you need. Edit with one tap. Of course, you can always tweak the settings further to suit your taste and style if you want to spend more time on the image. Magic ML can be either a one tap edit or a great starting point.

Learn more about the Magic ML feature here.


In our last big update we added the option to edit with curves in the lab! (You can also edit with curves in the raw editor). Curves is a great addition to any editing workflow and, as I’ve mentioned before, it is my favorite tool.

But curves can also be utilized as a one stop edit. Because curves affects the tones of your photograph you can affect the brightness and the contrast with one tool. And sometimes that’s all you need! Fix your highlights, create a moody tone, or – the oh so popular trend of fading your blacks. All with one tool.

Learn more about Curves here!


One of the first things you will see once you click edit is Scenes.

These are one tap edits designed for several different scenarios.

My favorite is Food. I love to photograph beautiful food and this edit helps enhance those images with ease. Color is enhanced and the image is brightened overall. What would take me several minutes to achieve manually in the lab is edited- just like that!

You will also find an option for portraits, backlit images, beach days, sunsets, & more!

Clarity & Clarity Pro

One of the options you’ll find in Scenes is Clarity. Clarity is a fan favorite editing tool! Clarity is used to make vibrant and saturated photos. A great one tap edit.

If you like Clarity but want a little more control head over to the lab and you’ll see Clarity Pro. This will give you the option to choose the level of intensity and how much of a boost you give vibrancy.


Filters are the ultimate one tap edit! We have several collections so you have great choices. Our newest pack, Social, is full of trendy edits perfect for instagram. There’s also packs for fun colors, retro vibes, Hollywood drama, & more. Our collection of handcrafted filters will help you achieve the perfect style for each photo.

If you are up for a 2+ tap edit, you can layer filters too! Adjust their strength and layer them to create the precise aesthetic you’re after. Create your own style by stacking filters like this:

Click advanced and then add filter. Choose the second- or third- filter and they will stack. Shift the intensity filters until you get the look you love.

Learn more about our newest pack, Social, here.


If quick editing isn’t for you because you love to use several tools on each image, we have something for that too! Use our new feature, Favorites, to create one tap edits that are exclusively yours!

Learn more about Favorites here.

Found a quick edit you love? Head to the menu and click “Start with” and then “Begin editing in” to select the editor section you like the most. This is a super useful for those of us that consistently use the same tools. When you start your edit, it will take you right to your favorites- which makes the edit even faster!

Download Camera+ 2 today and let us know which is your favorite quick editing tool!

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven