Photo Workflow in Camera+ 2

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

As a professional photographer I have to have the perfect workflow. It keeps me efficient and organized which helps me keep my clients happy. 

When I shot film, I developed it at only the most trusted lab. I organized my negatives in perfectly labeled sleeves and kept them in binders. When I started shooting digital, I made a great workflow for that too. 

But my iPhone photos… poor things. Most of the time I shoot on my phone in the moment and then forget to edit until much later – if at all. 

But once I downloaded Camera+ 2 that all changed! Our app is designed with a potential workflow that really helped me stop forgetting what I had already edited and what I had left to work on. 

The best kind of workflow helps you move quickly without sacrificing the quality of your edit. It also helps you create consistency when you need to and it protects your images. 

I’d like to walk you through my iPhone workflow so you can see the steps I take to make sure I get the best out of my mobile images!

My iPhone workflow looks like this:


The shooting is the easy part! All good photographers know that the best edits start in camera. Making sure you get the best shot you can will always benefit your workflow by making your edits easier on you. Too many times early in my career I told myself, “it’s okay. I can Photoshop that.” Only to spend hours editing something that would have only taken moments to fix before I hit the shutter. Don’t make that mistake! Don’t give yourself more work to do.  

Learn more about shooting in Camera+2 here: The Shooting Screen.


The Lightbox was designed to give you a temporary place to store and edit your photos. This helps you keep your Photo Library cleaner! This is especially important when you are shooting a lot – like in burst – so your library isn’t overrun with images that you will never edit because you picked 2 or 3 out of the bunch to edit and then didn’t need the rest. 

If this doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! Camera+ 2 gives you the option to save directly to your Photo Library if you would rather bypass the Lightbox. 


Your editing workflow will change a bit from image to image. Especially depending on if you are shooting raw or not. 

When editing in The Lab the basics I always check are:

Straighten, Exposure, & Temperature.

Then I crop if needed. 

But again, this will change image to image or photographer to photographer. Sometimes all I do is use Magic ML! You’ll find what works for you and make that a part of your process.

If you shot in raw, you can edit in The Lab or you can see my raw walkthrough here.

After I have edited my images I clean out my lightbox, deleting any files that I don’t intend to edit. This keeps everything organized and is a great way for me to see quickly and clearly what still needs to be edited. 


After your edits are done and your extra files are cleared out make sure to save your files to your Photo Library.

And backup your Photo Library to iCloud. I know the incessant messages that you have run out of space in the cloud can be annoying (or is that just me 😂) but backing up your images is the most important step! 

Like I said- the lightbox is temporary storage, those images are stored in the app. If you delete the app or lose your phone- you will also lose those photos. This is why we recommend this workflow. The backup to iCloud especially

The last unofficial step is to upload your photos to instagram and tag us #cameraplus2 🙂

Photo workflows can be stressful. It is our hope that the intended workflow in Camera+2 removes that stress and lets the editing process be as fun as the shooting is.

Watch me move through my workflow on YouTube!

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven