Using Filters: Best Practices

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

Filters are a one-tap edit that is popular for a reason. There are so many reasons to love using a filter when editing. We’ve got a handful of tips to get the most out of the filter packs in Camera+ 2.

Pro Tip:

Filters are sometimes a little misunderstood. A filter is not necessarily a cure-all. Adding a filter to a photo with some issues won’t automatically result in perfection.

Filters are generally designed to create a specific look for your image not to edit it perfectly. If that’s what you seek, check out our feature Magic ML

To get the most out of a filter, Make sure to get your settings as correct in-camera as you can or apply some basic edits – like getting your exposure correct – before applying a filter. Your end result will be a lot more successful.  

Here is an example. 

I’m this first image I just applied a filter

In the second image I’ve done some editing first to get my exposure correct and then added the filter 

See the difference? 

If you aren’t familiar with using filters in Camera+ 2, here is a quick walkthrough:

Why use filters?

First, for batch editing. 

A great reason to use filters is because it’s a way to batch edit. Batch editing is when you edit all your images the same way. 

So if you have several great images from one shoot, you can quickly add the same filter to them all. This helps create the second reason to use filters…


Using the same filter (or picking a few that work together) helps you create a cohesive vibe for your images. This is great if you are shooting for your business, your Instagram feed, or anything else that needs to match. 

And this helps you create the third reason to use filters…

Find your personal style

Using a filter (or a few) consistently will create a style that is viable over your whole body of work. A style that is all yours. 

Let me show you how easy this all is…

Extra tip: 

If you are trying to define your personal style and want to take it to the next level, try layering filters. Here’s a walkthough:

So, that’s a look into the world of filters! 

Make sure to check out all 7 of our filter packs in camera+ 2. Our packs are all included. No in app purchases necessary! 

Happy editing!

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Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven