Ways to Play with Monuments Mode

Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven

Welcome to Monuments Mode!

Camera+ 2 is known for having excellent features and our newest is no exception! Using the power of AI, we have created a new shooting mode designed to remove objects in motion that get in the way of getting the perfect shot.

Now that lockdowns are lifting & I’ve been fortunate enough to get a vaccine, I am eager to get back out in the world with my camera!

We know this isn’t possible for everyone but don’t despair, I’ll show you creative ways to use Monuments Mode even if you can’t get to the Eiffel Tower yet.

Remove Cars:

Monuments Mode is great for removing cars while shooting landcapes.

I live in the mountains and one of my favorite places to shoot is up the canyon. The mountains are stunning monuments but it is often hard to get the shot I want because the canyon is a popular place for skiing, climbing, hiking, and more so there are always a lot of cars driving through. Normally I would have to wait for a break in the cars and hope I get the shot right during that break. Now with Monuments Mode I don’t have to wait. The traffic can continue by and I can still get the shot!

At Home:

One way I like to use Monuments Mode is definitely not it’s main intention (no monuments in sight) but it work so well for this. I like to use Monuments Mode when I am shooting in my home and my 3 year old is running around – and oh-so-interested in everything I am working on. Monuments Mode captures the scene, even as she flies by, so I can get a clear picture.


The main way we envisioned this feature being used was in a traditional travel setting. Jetting off to Paris or Rome to capture Monuments that everyone wants to visit.

Large crowds in these locations can be a disappointment for a photographer. Everyone walking in front of your shot can really ruin a perfect moment. Using Monuments Mode is the best chance at eliminating these crowds in your way for a cleaner shot!

If it feels safe for you to travel, we can’t wait to see the monuments you shoot!

Tip: Note that the AI only removes motion so members of the crowd who are holding still may still appear in the final shot.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this feature & capture clearer photographs!

Learn more about the technical aspects of this feature in Pedro’s blog post here!

Happy shooting.

Published by Rachel Johanna

Product Photographer & Marketing Maven