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Lisa Bettany

Insane detail on these iPhone 4S macro shots!

Wow!!! Those are crazy crisp!

WoW!! Love the keys shots! That microphone shot is also pretty nice!

lovely wall-e!

Creo que ya no necesitare una DSLR! / I think i wont need a DSLR anymore |

John S.

I think you just sold me on a 4S!

These are fantastic indeed!

Great photos. Camera+ was one of my first apps purchased on my brand new 4S. Thanks, Lisa. I'll be playing with it all weekend.


St. Chris

Ditto on the "crazy crisp." And killer DOF.

Very nice!

Nice shots!

Very, very shots!

Did you use a tripod? I understand you can use the volume button on the iPhone headphones as a cable release!


Super impressive!!


these photos are beautiful showing