Editing, Sharing, and Saving

We have a new feature where deleted photos from your Lightbox are stored for a period of time before removal. To completely erase them, tap the arrow next to Lightbox and select "Deleted" from the menu. Then you should see all the photos you've removed recently. Tap "Select" (top right) and "Delete All" (bottom left).

First, check to see if the "undo" button in the top left of the Lightbox is available, that's the quickest way to recover from deletion if it was the last action.

If that doesn't work tap the disclosure triangle next to Lightbox and in the new menu that pops, under the Lightbox entry, there is a "Deleted" option. Select this and you will see the thumbnails of photos that have been deleted but not yet removed from your device. Tapping on each thumbnail will allow you to recover or remove each photo permanently. Tapping "Select" in the top right will allow you to recover or remove either all or a selection of these photos.

Please note that if you have deleted the entire application the only way to recover your photos is by restoring your device from a backup.

The quickest way to get a photo from your device to your computer is to save it to the Photos Library of your device and then select one of the options from the following Apple support article:

The most common cause of this question is photos not being taken with Portrait mode.

Portrait mode is the only way that Camera+ 2 saves depth data, and only photos taken in that mode will display the depth editing function.

iCloud Lightbox Sync was rendered obsolete when we integrated the Photo Library into Camera+ 2. Now you can simply see every photo in your library within the app, and if you have iCloud Photo Library set up within your system settings, all of your photos will automatically sync between all of your devices.