You may have inadvertently turned on one of our shooting modes. To get your camera back to normal, tap the "+" next to the shutter button. Then scroll the bottom wheel until it says "Normal". This should fix what you're seeing.

Slow Shutter mode used to be seamlessly embedded in manual controls, however this made it somewhat more difficult to find if you didn't already have manual controls enabled.

In Camera+ 2 we have added Slow Shutter as an actual shooting mode that can be selected by tapping the "+" to the right of the shutter button. Once you're in Slow Shutter mode, as long as your device supports it, you will be able to set your shutter speed for as long as 30 seconds.

First, please ensure you're using a device that supports Portrait mode. It is required to have either two cameras on the back (wide angle and telephoto).

If your device meets this criteria, Portrait can be found at the top of the shooting screen and activated by tapping the icon of a person inside of a box.

The most common cause of the RAW format not being saved as expected is the use of shooting modes that would cause processing on the photo. This includes crops on the shooting screen (square, 16:9), macro, and digital zoom.

In these cases the RAW image would differ greatly from the preview on the shooting screen and the RAW indicator will appear disabled.