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Martin Brundle

Our commentary cell in India. No window, nowhere near track. Apologies in advance we cannot do our job properly in here


Nice comfy seating too!!!

BBC Controller

Hilarious. Almost no point in you guys being there...oh wait.

That's awful but I suppose its a new track they will learn that you need an open view


its meant to be a new track? who are the design consultants - shocking

Tristan Cowling

I would send Bernie a thank you card for once again being greedy!


Just wait until there is another power cut, your screwed then!


Thats india for you. Enjoy the speed bumps on the motorways to solve the speeding problems!!

Julio Inglesias

Who said 'Commonwealth Games'? That was a blinding success as I recall... Oh wait a minute... it was a fiasco. Doesn't bode too well for F1. Shambles incoming.

will you still be able to do you grid walk? please say yes


What did you expect in india lol

Better come home then. lol

I wonder if sky will have a better comms box ;)

Mark Ward

Good ole Bernie, I hope you have not upset anyone Martin? ;-)


Hope none of you are claustrophobic. I have seen lifts that are bigger than that yet there are going to be at least 2 of you working in that.


Feel free to go back to your respective countries if you feel India is not up to your standards.. You guys are simply hipocrits and racists..


Stop complaining. It's their first time. U would not complain if it was a western country. That is India - the heat, the dust & no reference point to the rest of the world. Enjoy the experience with an open mind.


Here come the PC brigade! Think you need to look up the words hipocrit and racist in the dictionary because you clearly have no idea what they mean Roger!


Lol at Roger and Nick there. He's not being racist - its just expected an F1 commentator should be able to physically see the racetrack.


My comments were due to 46, Stephen and Julio's comments..

may as well of stayed at home and commentated from there


I would be happy to take over for you Martin :)

dave leaf

well thats no good is it martin,u mite as well sit at bbc in uk and commentate on it....


What if there are technical problems and your sceens die? At least if you're near the track with a window you can see grandstand displays, the pits and some of the track to continue commentary. This is appalling. :(

Han Solo

Saying that it is racist to complain about this excuse for an office is just brainless. How are the team supposed to give proper live coverage to 6 million viewers when they can't even see the racetrack and there's barely enough space for 2 people to comfortably work? Nick, if it this was the set up in a western country, you would never see another motorsport event there ever again.


Wait a minute....that's you're job? You get paid to babble mindlessly? And my TV License pays for this?

But can you see the Sky?

Looks like the sort of place when I have a problem with my mobile phone network , orange redirect my call there!


Well as an Indian i apologize on behalf of organizers. Hope they sort it out and provide a better facility to you. You could have talked to them i think it's their first time, they are going to make mistakes. Help them correct it. Thank you.


Guy I am not being PC - I live in the real world. I have travelled all over & consultant on issues. It's their first time - hosting an event like this - the track is designed by a German company - they r heavily dependent on foreign consultants - n someone has missed a trick. It's nothing that can't be put right. There is no need making a big deal about it. Cut em a break.


Bernie on Buddh Int. Circuit : "Super. The track is super. It took Silverstone 25 years, so I think they've done very well." All those whining babies should stop now!


Nick, get a life, NERD!!!!!


U appear to be plain ignorant from yr tweet. 

Anon Mouss

And despite how bad it is, all of us would kill to be there.


This is a brand new circuit, with brand new facilities, the circuit was designed by the F1 favorite, why hasn't someone had the brains to design the facilities properly. Think of ho much money has been spent here of this new circuit. Such a shame.


Well, ask Heinz Prüller (legendary Austrian F1 moderator) how to act when you loose the monitors to lack of electricity. Happened to him once at a race in Long Beach, USA. Not seeing the track from the box, no picture in the box, only a guy on the phone who was sitting in front of a TV in Austria and told him things like 'a red car just has overtaken a white one, a green one is driving next to a yellow one'. He had to do his moderation passed on that information.


That's ridiculous, but unfortuentley it's probably a sign of things to come for the bbc I'm afraid to say. Hopefully they can move you to somewhere more suitable.

Nate G

SpeedTV crew laughs at your accommodations.

Martin, you need to speak to Vicki (Chandok) and the other GP organisers. How ridiculous. If Korea was meant to be disorganised last year, what is this? Shocking. A bad start when this is meant to make up for the commomwealth games... :(

Wow!! That is a bit ridiculous isn't it? Surely they should have known you'd need more than just four walls and some chairs and monitors?!?! :-/


No grid walk this week then..


Might be impractical but could you not put one of the BBC bloggers or crew runners in one of the stands to act as a spotter for you? (or buy a web cam and ask a team politely whether you could put it in their hospitality suite window). Granted these don't solve the problem entirely but desperate times etc! Just trying to LITERALLY think outside the very small, windowless box!!


May be instead of posting to he public if you had talked to the organisers they would have helped. Why would anyone help if you act like this ? NDTV dont even offer commentary yet they are reporting from the stands with a stunning view


Now they know how it feels when the Indian TV crew in in Britain


I didn't think Bernie would be too selfish. Just Bernie selfish. So if he fixes the comm. box for next year it should be 'better' :)

F1 Indian

Haha... funny. Sorry guys, but I guess that's all the BBC can expect this time. The big money spinners (US/Euro networks) have been offered stands


Thanks for bringing it to notice in public. We'll work at getting it right next time. And yeah, thanks for all the considerate comments praising India (As if we give a shit what a tiny little island country thinks)