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Guy Norman Bee

@jarpad disrupts the time space continuum! #supernatural #ChiCon

Excuse me while I hyperventilate and die laughing. Holy crap. LOL.

Lol that's funny

so wrong. in so many ways.

Okay that got a little chuckle.

U guys are watchin the episode! :) :)

Haha wtf lol

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

aw shit jared is in chicago <333333 ME TOO

Watch it; crossing your own timestream is asking for trouble.

what with the facial xpression Jared??

LMAO!!! Awesome!

You're watching it? Seriously? ILY!

you guys are just too funny!

Under the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy...

OMG hot *-*

Absolutely hilarious!

Bwahahahaha! I wonder how long it took for him to get used to THAT...

Epically awesome! I was actually in a public place when I saw this and received stares as I laughed super hard! Jarod, you are HILARIOUS my friend!

i just dont have words to explain that funny you are Jared ! i love all of your faces ♥

LOL!! xD

Oh my gosh! Haha that is so funny!!! Lol! You guys are way too much fun!

Hilarious!!! #NothingLeftToSay



I'd give anything to watch an episode w/ u guys--would love 2 hear commentary!

Oh, shit, you're watching this in the same timestream/zone as me. Kewl.

laughing out loud! thank you!

Wanted to come up with some smart/funny/cute comment here, but for love nor money, i just can't stop staring at his frigging hands... Seriously, Jay are you growing by the hour these days or what?! o_O

lol. awesomesauce.

Awn liiiiiiiiiindo! So cute! O Brasil te ama, Jared! Brazil loves you, Jared.

our moose is in shock


Love all the goodies you send our way!


hahahahhaha I Love it!!!

@GiovaniAvelar25 I love supernatural the first serie the world !!!


LOL :D Jared? such Jared ^^

para de ser lindo jared

The Doctor will NOT be happy about this

Check out those bad boy side burns, their getting HUGE!!

My TV never does that. *pouts* I clearly need a new one. Now, where exactly does one get a TV that comes with Jared Padalecki?

LOL Love it. :D

Didn't you watch Back to the Future II? This is dangerous, lol!

hahaha funny!!!


Hahaha. Great pic! Too funny.


can't believe you watch your own show. hahahahaha

so cute !

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! sooooooo funny!!!!



hahaha!! that's sooo funny!! a major time paradox!! hahaha!


hahahahha lol whaaaaaat

as friendly as always ....

this is hilarious. i love the fact that he jokes around! he seems so down to earth just like the rest of the crew

Sooo sexy!!! He can disrupt my time space continuum anytime;)

Beautiful forever!! I loved the picture, was very cool, and the faces of Jared're too

Da fuq?? =S Lol

Love it, so funny :)

that's funny ahah

This is @Jarpad going "Wait... SPIKE and CORDELIA kick my ass?"


Just perfect! LOL *-*