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Guy Norman Bee

Stuck! Anybody got any butter? Shoehorn? #geekingoutwithahelmet @jarpad

aaaaawn , pelo amor de cass vemk seu lindo

Annnnd Jared's eyes are red. He's stuck, and his eyes are red. Excuse me while I laugh.

...Tom Brady what're you doing in a Cowboys Helmet?

The Cowboys have a new quarterback. Superbowl bound.

game just got better

when you 'walk in another man's helmet'......

reminds me gilmore girls

Would've be sooooo much better had he been wearing a packer's helmet in Chitown.

Que criatura mas hermosa!!!

Biggest fan, very nice looking! ^_^

Looks a tight fit :) LOL


*loving you @jarpad *

Very very handsome!

That is the most adorable pic i've seen in ages. Maybe you don't need the shoehorn, he looks quite happy in there if ya ask me! :-D

@Jarpad <3