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Jim Beaver

Can you believe last night was the first time I ever met JDM? GREAT guy.

I tried...but nope...I can't believe it. My brain won't process that! Two very handsome men ;)

Jealous, of you BOTH. ;)

You're BOTH great guys, thanks so much for sharing this with us!

special days

Cool glasses :P

Really? That surprises me.... but congrats.

You're so lucky! And he's so lucky for meeting you!

valeen gonzalez

the 2 winchester dads!! can't believe you hadn't met before. lovely pic btw :)


Double yum

I can't believe it... Anyway, is great see you together! Both of you're awesome ♥

O love both of you guys... :D

Whhhaaaaatttt? That just seems crazy!

Great pic! 2 great men!


Two great guys.