Photos taken with Camera+ Find out more

Lisa Bettany



Testing out the sharpness and clarity of the new iPhone 4S lens with these extreme macro shots. Each shot has been blown up to 100% so you can see the detail. I am amazed at the amount of detail that is preserved in these shots.

To get the sharpest macro shots I used Camera+’s Touch Focus and Touch Exposure to get the best exposure possible and minimize shadows. I also used the Gymbl Pro Tripod to steady the iPhone and used Camera+’s stabilizer shooting mode so that the iPhone would only take a shot when the iPhone was steady to avoid camera shake.
Rainy lock
Rainy lock at 100%
Flower at 100%
Cherry tomato plant
Cherry tomato plant at 100%
Rain drops on metal
Rain drops at on metal at 100%
Buckle at 100%
Green leaves
Green leaves at 100%
Wooden sign
Wooden sign at 100%

It's absolutely stunning that this is all done on a phone! Great job.

Thanks you Lisa

If I didn't know better, I'd guess that these were taken with a decent point-and-shoot camera. I'm super excited for my 4S' delivery tomorrow. :)

Love it! Thanks :D

Awesome ...

Nima Pirzadeh

Wow! Great pictures!


Awesome Lisa


And there's my argument for upgrading my 3GS. Thanks!

I'm so pleased at the quality of the 4S's lens, I may not buy another P&S again!

Amazing!!!! I want an iPhone 4S ....cry.....


Stunning pictures! I can't wait for my 4GS.


Super rad. But my problem is keeping the lens in good shape. And I don't want to put the whole beautiful phone in a clunky case. Hasn't anyone developed a wee lens cover yet?

Great detail, got to get the 4S! Thanks, Lisa


Thank you! Amazing phone with Amazing App! Felicidades!


you're making me want to upgrade my 4 to a 4S just for the better camera! Thanks for sharing ...



Thank you Lisa! More than stunned at the quality of the pictures, i so want an iPhone too.

I am in shock that these shots are from a phone!! As bad as I'd love to upgrade from my 4, I'm going to hang tight for the 5…


Awesome shots, I am so happy with the 4s.


Wow! Can't wait for the iPhone 5... :-)




looks like the app is crash crash crashing, better get on that.

These are not shabby at all!

that's great..

Really impressive, especially because I take a tremendous number of macro shots. Maybe this "phone" could replace my S95 as the daily carry camera. I wonder.

Awesome pictures

oh wow i wish i had the money for an iPhone 4S but i think i like having my 7D on me all the time :P

R u kidding...these photos are astonishing...100% crops are so sharp and are far better than many highend point and be frank even better than bridge it the magic of iPhone 4S 8MP camera or of Camera+ ?? Mind blowing images..waiting for iPhone 4S launch in India...


Its realy amazing!!!!!!


This is really pretty amazing. I still prefer my SX130 IS as it is fully programmable, does RAW, has a decent optical zoom and a tripod mount, but in just terms of IQ this might compete. I still have one of the first camera phones, who would have thought what that led to.

Robert Szymczak

Great camera... awesome shots! ;)

Do tell more about the lens...just an upgraded fixed camera phone lens, or...?






Not bad, just like good old galaxy 2

Who thought that a Mobile Camera could ever get so powerful like a Point and Shoot camera.

Very nice, Lisa!

Hamidin Arahman

excellent ...

What is this about Camera+’s stabilizer shooting mode? I searched the menu in the app and googled it and find nothing?

Truly amazed!! What an improvement! wow!! surely need to upgrade to iPhone4S! I'm tempted.. Thanks for sharing Lisa! Cheers! :)

Love it.. =)


Folks keep mentioning Point and Shootcameras. When was the last time you saw images like these with a P&S or for that matter a DSLR out of the box. How about never. Since the arrival of the 4S my :cameras" are sitting in the closet. Great images, Lisa.


does it only work on a 4S?


Yeah......point and shoots do NOT take photos of this quality and detail. While I do love my 4S I still feel like I ge better shots with my D50. But the editing is so much easier on my phone. I haven't mastered Camera+ though, hopefully going to find time to try out the focus and exposure today.

Bob Dobbs

I like how every single picture has problems with correct color rendition, focus issues when presented with dark shadows, and "blotchy" color areas resulting in poor overall color when looked at closely. Also the processing unit on the camera has issues with over sharpening details and poor depth of field as seen best in the background of the leaves picture. Even for an 8mp phone camera these are quite a few issues.

Bob Dobbs

Also, for Tom and Jen, learn to use a DSLR properly and the level of detail you'll get out of even the cheapest SLR will be far superior image quality wise to this. Reason being: Better processing due to more options/beefier electronics than a phone will provide.

Michelle Barnett

Somebody please show me how to get a pic like the rainy lock. Trying to take pics of jewellery and mine certainly don't look like that!


Whoa, awesome photos. I LOVE the iPhone 4S camera, on the internet I saw a photo that you can't even easily do on a DSLR. Really (skyline with raindrops).


those really are amazing - I have to give Camera+ another look...Did you use a macro lens or is that a straight shot with Camera+?


Just amazing..I am gonna try my hands too. :)

John Homes

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